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about us

who we are

We have lived a life surrounded by animals and truly understand that our relationships with them are that of real value. We believe in the bonds that we have with them and thus treat them as equals. We want them to grow with us and be happy and healthy. Ultimately, we want them to feel loved. In every stage of life, animals can teach us lessons that we could learn from no other human. We recognize and admire their innate goodness at a level for which we are sometimes incapable of achieving. As the shepherds of their lives, we are driven to provide the very best for them. And we do it well because of that.

what we do

Research.  Ask Questions, even hard ones.  Explore. Experience as much as we can for as long as we have.  Try and help our fur babies live forever.  We have spent countless hours during the past 15 years researching all there is to know about the newest and most ancient in pet health.  From food and supplements to just making sure they are included in our outdoor excursions, everything holds the keys to unlocking the Thrive in your buddy.

why we do it

Because we care about more than just ourselves and our own.  

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