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don't worry ... get dirty ...
we've got you Covered

Self Service

Dog Wash Bay's


Whether it's between grooming sessions or just because you don't want to deal with hair in your tub, our super clean self-service wash bay's will do the trick.

We provide a unique do-it-yourself facility to take the hassle out of getting your pup clean and put some fun back into it.


Deluxe Wash 

Utilize our bay's (for small or large dogs) with a fresh supply of temperature controlled water, Earth Bath Natural shampoo's and spritzers, aprons to keep you dry, clean towels, brushes & combs, nail clippers and even a high velocity professional grooming dryer.

1. We take PRE-BOOKED appointments and walk-in's but we honor PRE-BOOKINGS first.
3. To ensure a proper flow of appointments and cleaning, sanitizing, we have to ask that you stick to the time allotment you have booked.


Deluxe Wash - $14

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